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Edition of
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African market


The Instituto Jovem Exportador (IJEx), in partnership with the South African Government, is developing the 4th Edition of the Young Exporter Program — African Market and the mission congregation for participation in the S.A. Innovation Summit event, the biggest event for the innovation and startups in Africa, and participation in exclusive agendas organized by the Institute and the Technology and Innovation Agency (TIA) of South Africa.



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Instituto Jovem Exportador is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that works to raise awareness and train Brazilian businesspeople in foreign trade. Founded in October 2019, Instituto Jovem Exportador has already developed several actions, consisting of a six-month gamified training trail that culminates in an international mission, having been carried out with a focus on the Asian, European and Arab markets.

Our objective is to contribute to the dissemination of the export culture for companies that wish to take their first steps in accessing new markets, mainly with a focus on micro, small and medium-sized companies and in raising awareness of the entrepreneurial potential when starting strategic planning with a global positioning.


South Africa

in numbers



59,9 Mi

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

USD 403,3 Bi

Bilateral trade with Brazil

USD 2,6 Bi

South Africa and the
African continent

Business Opportunities

Sectors with export opportunities include manufactured goods:


transport machinery and equipment (such as tractors), chemicals developed in the areas of food and beverages, construction, automotive parts, machinery and equipment and health.


The main products exported by Brazil to Africa are sugar, beef, chicken, corn and soy. There are also opportunities for Brazilian exports in the area of technology, innovation and startups. With great potential for the development of partnerships and bilateral investments in this sector.

S.A. Innovation Summit

The 4th Edition of the Young Exporter Program - African Market will be a great training journey that will have the Innovation and Technology Agency of the Government of South Africa (TIA) as a partner and co-organizer.

The multisector agenda with consultants, speakers, startups, companies in the innovation, technology, services and products segment.

Objetivos da Missão

Os objetivos da missão empresarial são:

Destino e Duração

A duração da missão será de uma semana (sete dias), sendo os dias 27, 28 e 29 de setembro de 2023 destinados ao S. A. Innovation Summit.

A missão empresarial terá como destino Cidade do Cabo, África do Sul, sendo estendida a participação de um ambiente empresarial em rápido crescimento, com agenda de visitas técnicas de interesse em parques tecnologicos, aceleradores, empresas interessadas em parcerias e investidores.



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Participe da missão

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