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Frequently Asked Questions
You ask, we answer

Who is the Young Exporter Institute for?

The Young Exporter Institute is for the business owner, service provider, startup and entrepreneur who wants to know or take the first steps in accessing new markets.  

I am already an exporter, can I join the Institute?

Yes, Instituto Jovem Exportador has a specific plan for those who are already exporters, see more information on page do JOIN

What age group is the Young Exporter Institute for?

At the Institute, “young” is any company that is taking its first steps in the internationalization process, that is, if you have been in business for 30 years and are starting to enter the international market, then you are a young export company.

What are the main pillars of the Institute?


Is the Institute only for Exporters?

No, IJEx is for everyone who wants to remodel, plan, validate or change the direction of the business through the analysis of new international trends. The Institute assists businessmen and entrepreneurs in the process of developing their business maturity. 

I am an Importer, can I join the Young Exporter Insitute?

Yes, at IJEx we have mentors and specialists in the import niche for those who want to work, inform themselves and grow directly within the Import market.

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