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The first GAMIFIED platform for entrepreneurial education for the internationalization of micro, small and medium-sized businesses in Brazil!

Develop yourself, accumulate points and discover the WORLD!

Streaming of
Gamified Learning

IJEX Play is an online audio-visual and EDUCATIONAL content transmission service that will offer businessmen and entrepreneurs in Portuguese-speaking countries a wide variety of courses, workshops, lectures, training, events and films.

IJEX Play is the only INTERNATIONAL GAMIFIED ENTREPRENEURSHIP platform for the Portuguese-speaking community, which will offer entrepreneurial education content for the internationalization of micro, small and medium-sized businesses.

The platform will also allow businessmen and entrepreneurs to participate in the scoring program created by the Young Exporter Institute with the aim of rewarding students for their dedication to learning during their training journey.

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IJEX Play will accompany the entrepreneur's development in all stages of the learning process through mentoring, consulting and business advisory services.


The registered businessman or entrepreneur will be able to follow his evolution through PERFORMANCE CHARTS of performance indicators in his work area.


The entrepreneur will have a mentor guiding him in the learning process, further facilitating the understanding and evolution of business maturity.

National and International

The Entrepreneurial Training Program for the Internationalization of Small Businesses is funded by national and international partners, providing businessmen and entrepreneurs around the world with FREE access to training in business management and business missions.

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Awards for the
Best Ranking

Participants who score the most in the training journey will be able to exchange points for airline tickets, products, contracting services, gain access to targeted micro credit and international business exchanges.


Those enrolled in the Training Program will participate in the RANKING, and the best scorers will be awarded scholarships with up to 100% discount for participation in international missions.

Access from any device

Everything you need in the palm of your hand! IJEx Play will be available on all platforms (Computers, iMacs, Iphones, Android phones and more). Watch anywhere.

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